Increase Transformer lifetime and usability

Transformer monitoring system is an efficient device to increase transformers’ lifetime and usability.

The system helps monitor and diagnose the status and condition of transformers and their equipment. It records, collects, evaluates, controls and visualises transformer data, thereby helping the users to understand the state of Transformers real time in a cost effective way. This helps avoid operational downtime due to maintenance or failures. Optimal use of the transformer and condition-based maintenance also helps reduce costs drastically.

Easun MR gives the customers individual tailor-made solutions to monitor and diagnose different parameters of the transformer. The solution combines data monitoring with online connection and data storage. Reliable and easy to understand and handle, the transformer monitoring system from Easun MR is most suited for retrofitting all type of transformers. Whether you operate a single transformer or a whole fleet of them, you can rest assured that you are taking the right actions at the right time for reliable operation, with Easun MR’s Transformer Monitoring System

One System, Many Advantages
OLTC Monitoring
• Tap position indication
• Individual statistical data of tap position operations
• Tap position time of resting
• Number of operations in comparison to pass-through operations
• Calculation of oil carbonisation
• Calculation of contact wear
• Achievement of condition-based maintenance intervals
Transformer Monitoring
• Load current and Voltage measurement
• Active and reactive power
• Oil temperature
• Winding temperature
• Ambient temperaturev • Alarm and tripping signals from various devices (e.g. Bucholz, etc)
• Gas and Moisture measurement as taken from Sensors
• Oil level indication
Control System Communication
• Connection to SCADA / DCS
• IEC 60870-5-101 and 104
• IEC 61850
• Integrated web-server
Individual Solutions
• Tailor-made monitoring functions (e.g. overload capability)
• Freely configurable inputs and outputs