MR Products

Easun-MR and MR are Joint Venture partners. Easun-MR represents MR products in India and some of the products are listed below.
The Open Operating System for Transformers

ETOS® (Embedded Transformer Operating System) and is the world's first open operating system for smart transformers.

Through this approach, we offer a manufacturer- independent system for monitoring, controlling and regulating power transformers. As a complete solution for digitalizing transformers in the field level area, ETOS® forms the interface between the process level and the control level. Desired function scopes can be implemented using a modular approach tailored to customer needs for various transformer types, performance classes and usage areas.

ETOS® can be integrated or retrofitted seamlessly into any environment, on one transformer or an entire fleet. And the best part is that this added value has absolutely no impact on system costs for you.

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For about 80 years MR has been manufacturing on-load tap-changers and still keep coming up with epoch-making innovations.

The VACUTAP® series with its vacuum switching technology for on-load tap-changers in oil-immersed and dry-type transformers is one of them. This technology promises no service requirements before 150,000 to 500,000 switching operations, drastically reduced running costs for the whole physical life, increased availability of the transformer, no oil carbonization, no replacement of contacts and no oil filter systems.

We also offer the OILTAP® - program with its conventional tap-changer technology (arcing contacts in oil) as an alternative.

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