Retrofit Solutions


Transformers are critical assets in the electrical system, and the consequences of a transformer failure can be catastrophic. Equipment age, excessive usage, lack of replacement parts and non-availability of technical experts are the factors that lead up to the failure of transformers and OLTCs.

A pre-emptive and well planned OLTC Retrofit plan can reduce the risk of a failure, minimise the impact of a failure, and increase the life expectancy of your transformers.

An OLTC Retrofit with Easun MR OLTCs increases the reliability of your transformer at a fraction of the cost of a new transformer. With more than 30 years of experience, Easun MR is a leading player in the retrofit space, and has the expertise to procure and install a replacement OLTC, or to retrofit the existing OLTC.

Easun MR can execute a comprehensive end-to-end retrofit solution, right from oil draining, transformer study, etc, to tap changer replacement, until the transformer is fully retrofitted. We offer a single window solution that lets you rest worry-free while your transformer is taken care of. Easun MR provides a comprehensive retrofit package for any make of tap changer, without any exception.